"Old Mr. Brown, will you favour us with permission to gather nuts upon your island?"

Type Squirrel
Gender Male
Age Child
Family Squirrel Nutkin (brother)
Friends Other squirrels
Rivals Old Brown
Occupation Student
Residence Wood at the Edge of a Lake
Interests Playing
Gathering nuts

Twinkleberry is introduced in The Tale of Squirrel Nutkin.


Twinkleberry is a little red squirrel who lives in a Wood at the Edge of a Lake and has a brother named Squirrel Nutkin. Twinkleberry is responsible and respectful as well as hard working. He spends a lot of his time gathering nuts.


The Tale of Squirrel Nutkin

Twinkleberry, his brother Squirrel Nutkin, and all the other little squirrels to gather nuts on Owl Island. They go down to the edge of the lake, build a raft out of twigs, and paddle all they way to the island while using their tails as sails. When they arrive on the island, the squirrels present an offering of three fat mice as a gift for Old Brown. Twinkleberry and the other squirrels respectfully ask Old Brown for permission to gather nuts from his island. Twinkleberry and the other little squirrels, except Nutkin, fill their sacks with nuts and sail back home to the Wood at the Edge of a Lake in the evening. The next day, Twinkleberry and the other little squirrels decide to go back to Owl Island to gather more nuts, taking a fat mole as an offering. On the third day, Twinkleberry and six other squirrels wake up early in the morning and go fishing at the lake to catch minnows to give to Old Brown. The next day, the squirrels go back to Owl Island, this time taking six fat beetles as their offering. Twinkleberry gathers nuts diligently before retuning home to the Wood at the Edge of a Lake. The following day, the squirrels take an offering of honey for Old Brown. Twinkleberry works diligently to gather nuts. Every day, Squirrel Nutkin sings riddles to Old Brown and goofs off instead of gathering nuts. On the sixth day, the squirrels go back to Owl Island and take an egg in a rush basket as an offering for the owl. Nutkin starts dancing and telling riddles louder than ever before and then leaps onto Old Brown's head. Twinkleberry and the other squirrels run away and hide behind some nearby bushes while Old Brown captures Nutkin.

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