"It is not boiled enough; it is hard. You have a try, Hunca Munca."

Tom Thumb
Type Mouse
Gender Male
Age Adult
Family Hunca Munca (wife)
Friends Unknown
Rivals Lucinda
Little Girl
Occupation Unknown
Residence Mousehole
Interests Unknown

Tom Thumb is introduced in The Tale of Two Bad Mice.


Tom Thumb is a mouse who lives in the Mousehole with his wife, Hunca Munca and their children. He can be intrusive but has a good heart. He makes sure he provides for his family.


The Tale of Two Bad MiceEdit

Tom Thumb sticks out his head and then pops it back inside the baseboard again. A minute later, his wife, Hunca Munca sticks her head out too. When she sees that there is no one in the nursery, she walks out. Tom Thumb and Hunca Munca walk cautiously to the dollhouse and push the front door open. They walk upstairs, peek into the dining room and squeak with joy. A lovely dinner is laid out upon the table, complete with tin spoons, lead knives and forks, and two chairs. Tom Thumb goes to carve the ham right away but the knife crumples up and hurts him; he quickly put his finger in his mouth. He figures that the ham isn't boiled enough and asks Hunca Munca to give it a try. She stands up in her chair and chops at the ham with another lead knife. The ham breaks off the plate and rolls under the table. Tom tells her to leave the ham alone and pass him some fish. Hunca Munca tries every tin spoon on the fish but it is glued to the dish. Tom Thumb loses his temper and he puts the ham in the middle of the floor and hits it with the tongs and with the shovel until the ham flies into pieces; underneath the shiny paint it was made of nothing but plaster. Tom Thumb and Hunca Munca are so upset and disappointed that they break up the pudding, the lobsters, the pears, and the oranges. The fish wouldn't come off the plate so they put it into the red hot crinkly paper fire in the kitchen but it wouldn't burn either. Tom goes up the kitchen chimney and looks out at the top—-there is no soot. Then the mice, especially Tom, start to do all the mischief they can. Tom takes Jane's clothes out of the chest of drawers in her bedroom and he throws them out of the top floor window. He helps Hunca carry a pillow downstairs, across the floor, and into their Mousehole. When he and Hunca suddenly hear voices outside, they rush back to their Mousehole. In the end, the two bad mice are not so naughty after all. Tom Thumb pays for everything he broke--he finds a coin under the rug and he and Hunca Munca stuff it into one of Lucinda and Jane's stockings on Chritmas Eve.