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Old Brown
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Type Owl
Gender Male
Age Elderly
Family Unknown
Friends Unknown
Rivals Squirrel Nutkin


Occupation Unknown
Residence Hollow Oak Tree on Owl Island
Interests Receiving gifts


Old Brown is an elderly owl who lives in a Hollow Oak Tree on Owl Island. He is reclusive, unfriendly, and does not take kindly to jokes or riddles. He reigns over the island and expects anyone who visits it to present him with an offering.


The Tale of Squirrel Nutkin

Old Brown finds Squirrel Nutkin, Twinkleberry, and other squirrels on his doorstep with an offering of three fat mice. As they ask him for permission to gatehr nuts around Owl IslandNutkin decides to excitedly chime in and tells Old Brown a riddle, but the owl pays no attention to him and instead shuts his eyes and falls asleep. The next day, Old Brown is sound asleep when the squirrels show up on his doorstep again with a fat mole as an offering. Nutkin, who doesn't have much respect, tries to wake up him up by poking him with a nettle while singing another riddle. Old Brown wakes up, takes the mole, goes back inside the Hollow Oak Tree, and shuts the door right in Nutkin's face. On the third day, Twinkleberry, Nutkin, and six other squirrels show up at the [[Hollow Oak Tree] again--each of them, except Nutkin, presents Old Brown with a minnow as an offering. Once again, Nutkin tells Old Brown a riddle but the owl takes no interest. The next day, the squirrels present Old Brown with six fat beetles wrapped in dock leafs and secured with pine needles pins. Old Brown continues ignoring Squirrel Nutkin's foolishness. The following day, the squirrels take an offering of honey for Old Brown and Nutkin begins skipping and singing another riddle and Old Brown rolls his eyes in annoyance. On the sixth day, the squirrels present Old Brown with an egg in a rush basket and, Like always, Nutkin begins dancing around and singing riddles, becoming louder and more obnoxious. Suddenly, Nutkin leaps onto Old Brown's head and the owl lets out a loud squeaking sound during the scuffle. Old Brown captures Nutkin, puts him in his pocket, and takes him inside the Hollow Oak Tree. Once inside, Old Brown picks Nutkin up by his tail and intends to skin him but Nutkin manages to get away, losing his tail in the process.