Mr Tod

The Foxy Whiskered Gentleman (renamed Mr. Tod in Peter Rabbit series) is one of the main antagonists of the Beatrix Potter series. He is a fox who wears a pink shirt with brass buttons, a green jacket, a white cravat, and green pants.


He appears in Beatrix Potter's Twelveth book "The Tale of Jemima Puddle-Duck" as The Foxy Whiskered Gentleman. He is first seen reading a newspaper when Jemima attracts his attention, requesting a nest to lay her eggs. When Jemima, having laid nine eggs, is away, Mr. Tod just watches the eggs. At last, he sends Jemima out to prepare for a dinner party for the two by asking her to get sage, thyme, mint, parsley and two onions for an omellette, with her being unaware that the herbs shes gathering are used for stuffing roast duck. As soon as she has brought him the ingredients, he shows his true colors and takes the herbs away from her to make the omellette. He prepares to cook Jemima, but Kep (whose house Jemima had taken the onions from) and two foxhound puppies attack him and chase him away. He appears again in the Book "The Tale of Mr. Tod" Mr. Tod suddenly arrives in a very bad temper, which has caused him to move house. The fox discovers the badger asleep in his bed, and originally plans to hit him, but decides against this due to the Badger's teeth. He decides to play a trick upon him involving a pail of water balanced on the overhead tester of the bed. Brock however is awake, escapes the trick, and makes tea for himself in the kitchen. Mr. Tod thinks the bucket has killed Brock and decides to bury him in the tunnel the rabbits have dug, thinking Tommy dug it. When Mr. Tod discovers Tommy in the Kitchen and has tea thrown over him, a violent fight erupts that continues outdoors. The two roll away down the hill still fighting. Benjamin and Peter quickly gather the bunnies, and return home in triumph. in a letter to one of her readers Beatrix Potter said the fight ended with Mr. Tod badly Beaten and Tommy Brock Victorious.