"Stop thief!"

Mr. McGregor
Mr. McGregor 2
Type Human
Gender Male
Age Old
Family Mrs. McGregor (wife)
Friends Unknown
Rivals Mr. Rabbit
Mrs. Rabbit
Peter Rabbit
Mr. Bunny
Benjamin Bunny
Occupation Unknown
Residence Mr. McGregor's House
Interests Gardening

Mr. McGregor is first introduced in The Tale of Peter Rabbit.


Mr. McGregor is an older man who spends a lot of time tending his large garden. He goes to great lengths to keep animals, including Peter Rabbit out of his garden. Prior to the events of the tale, Mr. McGregor captured Mr. Rabbit. He is married to Mrs. McGregor.


The Tale of Peter Rabbit

Mr. McGregor is in his garden on his hands and knees planting out young cabbages when, as he reaches the end of a cucumber frame, he comes across Peter Rabbit. Mr. McGregor jumps up and starts running after Peter, waving a rake in the air. During the chase, Peter loses his shoes and then gets caught in gooseberry net and Mr. McGregor quickly grabs a sieve to capture Peter with, but the rabbit manages to free himself, leaving his jacket behind, and runs into the tool shed. Mr. McGregor searches the tool shed and, after a while, he hears Peter sneeze and is on his trail once again. Mr. McGregor tries to step on Peter but Peter manages to leap out through a window. Mr. McGregor gets tired of running after the rabbit, so he decides to go back to work on his garden. As he tends to his onions, Peter runs toward the gate and, by the time Mr. McGregor sees him, Peter Rabbit is halfway out of the garden. After Peter leaves, Mr. McGregor hangs up Peter's shoes and jacket to make a scarecrow to scare the black birds away from his crops.

The Tale of Benjamin Bunny

Mr. McGregor is aboard a horse-drawn carriage with Mrs. McGregor, on his way to an undisclosed location. Later that afternoon, he returns home and notices several strange things. He notices that it looks as if someone has walked all over the garden in a pair of clogs--only the footmarks are ridiculously little. Also, he doesn't understand how his Cat could have managed to shut herself up inside the greenhouse, locking the door from the outside.