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Mr. Bunny
(Mr. Benjamin Bunny)
Type Rabbit
Gender Male
Age Adult
Family Benjamin Bunny (son)
Friends Mr. Rabbit
Mrs. Rabbit
Rivals Mr. McGregor
Occupation Unknown
Residence Unknown
Interests Family

Mr. Bunny is introduced in The Tale of Benjamin Bunny.


Mr. Benjamin Bunny, better known as Mr. Bunny, is a strict but loving bunny. He is the father of Benjamin Bunny, whom he protects and punishes whenever necessary. Mr. Bunny typically wears a yelloy button-up shirt and a purple coat and carries a pipe.


The Tale of Benjamin Bunny

Late in the afternoon, there is pitter-patter and some bits of mortar fall from the wall above. The Cat looks up and sees Mr. Bunny prancing along the top of the wall of the upper terrace. He is smoking a pipe of rabbit-tobacco, and has a small switch in his hand. He is there looking for his son. Suddenly, Mr. Bunny takes a leap off the wall onto the Cat, pushes her off the basket, and kicks her into the greenhouse, scratching off a handful of fur. The Cat is too surprised to scratch back. After kicking the Cat into the greenhouse, Mr. Bunny locks the door. Then he comes back to the basket, takes Benjamin out by the ears, and whips him with the little switch. Then he takes out his nephew, Peter, takes out the handkerchief with onions, and marches out of the garden. When Mr. McGregor returns about half an hour later, he doesn't understand how his Cat could have managed to shut herself up inside the greenhouse, locking the door from the outside.