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Lucindaand jane
Type Doll
Gender Female
Age Adult
Family Unknown
Friends Lucinda
Little Girl
Rivals Tom Thumb
Hunca Munca
Occupation Cook
Residence Dollhouse
Interests Unknown

Lucinda is introduced in The Tale of Two Bad Mice.


Jane is a doll who lives with her employer, Lucinda, in the Dollhouse that belongs to the Little Girl.


The Tale of Two Bad MiceEdit

One morning, when the nursery is empty and quiet, Jane goes with Lucinda on a drive in the doll's carriage. When Jane and Lucinda return to the Dollhouse, she can't believe her eyes. She leans against the kitchen dresser while Lucinda stares at the messy kitchen in disbelief. She and Lucinda rescue the bookcase and the birdcage from under the coal box but they are missing the cradle, some of Lucinda's clothes, some pots and pans, and several other things. Presumably, Tom Thumb pays them back with a coin he finds under the rug and Hunca Munca sweeps Lucinda's Dollhouse every morning before anyone is awake.